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Mountainbike training

Learn to mountain bike or go flat out, you can do it all in this training! The varied training is suitable for both the real beginner as well as the well-experienced cyclist. It’s the ideal opportunity to get to know the beautiful surroundings of Wageningen better and to discover the challenges the nearby woods have to offer. In the training, the basic principles, technical tips, and recommendations for equipment and clothing will be discussed first and foremost. But, for the more advanced cycle fans, thrilling descents and technical climbs will also be dealt with. The training offers an excellent opportunity for everyone to really work up a sweat and ratchet up his condition at his own level. We’ll meet in front of the Bongerd, where you’ll also be able to rinse off your bike after the ride. If you don’t have a mountain bike, you can borrow a bike by sending an e-mail to wswvhellingproof@wur.nl. We have one mountainbike, so only the first mailer can use the mountainbike.

OPEN Mountainbike training

Once a month we organise an OPEN mountain bike training! On April 1st (deadly serious) is the first time that we officially do this. What do we mean by OPEN training? Well, no need to be a member of Hellingproof in the first place, subscription goes via SC the Bongerd: https://sporthalreservering.mendixcloud.com/index.html

Furthermore, you don’t even need to have your own MTB! Put on you sporty clothes and normal sport shoes (no cycling shoes with click pedals) and rent a MTB on the track of WV Ede for only 5 euros! Perfect if you’d like to try mountain biking once, or would like to improve your technical skills on the bike. Did you know; the best way to learn how to take your corners is to ride on a mountain bike every now and then?

So what do you need?
– sport rights
– a bottle of water (you could even tap the water at the track, so only bringing the bottle is enough)
– sport clothes
– helmet (which you can also rent at the reception of SC the Bongerd)

We gather at 17.00 at the parking lot at SC the Bongerd, and from there we ride towards Ede. You can also come directly to the track of course, be there at 17.30!

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