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End of the year BBQ

Just before the summer holiday, the AXI organized the yearly Hellingproof barbeque on the field near Hoevestein. A record amount of 40 hungry Hellingprofs appeared and enjoyed the buffet prepared by the AXI members. The couscous salad was very popular, or was it nasi? On top of all the salad stuff, grill master Jip flamed the meat and Jelmer turned around the vegetarian burgers. He was a bit sad this was without spectacular flames and noises, but the result was suburb.

After the food it was time to play a very dangerous football game. Like on the European championships, every now and then there was a drinking break. Only difference: this was with semi-cold Schultenbrau, which influenced the football skills for some reason. Nobody broke a leg, so that was positive. Luckily there were some award ceremonies in the meantime. The timetrial and sprint competition winners received a nicely renovated award by the board with a beautiful bouquet of flowers. The sprint classification by the men was won by Max, while Els won the women’s competition. The time trial classification trophy for the women was won by Eline, whereas Jetze claimed the overall win for the men. Other winners where the participants of the Longest day challenge. Nadja and Sofie got real Hellingproof pasta and a Kwaremont beer for their longest ride.

When the food was finished, the prizes where divided, the darkness started to fall over us and the beer started to work, it was bonfire time. Bart showed he can burn everything if he wants, so that’s what happened. Chairs, cupboards and so on. The diehards stayed until the early hours, and luckily everyone managed to arrive home. Some did needed a small detour in the bushes to kiss the earth, or a small break on a bus station, but all in all it was a nice closure of the cycling season of this academic year.

Afbeelding met gras, boom, buiten, persoon

Automatisch gegenereerde beschrijving
Afbeelding met boom

Automatisch gegenereerde beschrijving
Afbeelding met buiten, brand, nacht

Automatisch gegenereerde beschrijving

Eggcelent Easter weekend

Whereas normally the easter weekend would take place in Germany, this was not doable this year due corona. The AXI was looking for an EGGciting alternative for the easter weekend. Luckily, they found one, which even included a little bit of Germany. Sehr wünderbar! 

On Friday challenges were done during the Bike&borrel route in the surroundings of Wageningen. On one of the posts, all riders made their outfit easter proof with bunny ears. Especially Alger brought back the easter spirit with ears almost as long as the route itself.  

With these beautiful ears attached to their helmets, the hellingprofs went of a search for eggs in the woods of Lunteren with even some “special eggs “ hidden among them! After all the hard work the members received a delicious borrel package for the online meeting in the evening. Here, the best pictures of the day were reviewed and there was time for everybody to catch up with each other. 

The next day, it was time for not just a ride but for the one and only Stage Shultenbrau! 

This beautiful stage brought us in pairs through a variety of landscapes. We cycled through the beautiful betuwe, visited the ancient woods near Groesbeek and even make some kilometers in the province of Limburg. A few kilometers before we crossed the border with Germany a coffee stop was provided with apple pie! Energized by the delicious apple pie, the route brought us via Nijmegen back to Wageningen. 

After this great trainingsweekend, everybody was ready for a new cycling season full of beautiful rides, coffee stops with pie, tanlines, tensive cycling events on tv, cold radlers after a long and warm rides, legs full of lactic acid, “rondje brug” with the wind in the back and ofcourse many hellingproof activities! 

Lord of the Springs

True winners. True Lords of the Spring. To get ready for April cycling month, the AXI prepared 3 weeks of challenges during the Lord of the Springs – The return of the cycling season. Challenges contained amongst others climbing the steep Fountain mountain, crossing the Rhine at least 6 times in one ride, introducing people to cycling, making an Eifeltower in elevation meters and making Strava art. The team of Gijs, Bart, Vera and Tristan destroyed the competition by going all-in at ALL challenges. They must have too much time. The winners deserved a basket with beers, “bandjes” and bites, kindly provided by our sponsors @loburg and @racefietsfluisteraar. Huge thanks to them! Winner Gijs also wanted to thank his parents. Without them he would not have reached this milestone. The only thing Bart could say was “Winner winner chicken diner!!”. Well done winners! Let’s keep challenging.  

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