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I am a full beginner and just want to try out 1 competition:
You can get a 1 day membership and start license;
1 euro for the day membership, 2 euro for the starting license and 5-10 depending on the competition price.

I am a full beginner but I see myself participating in multiple races;
Step 1. Create an account at
It is all in dutch sadly, if you need any help let us know!
Step 2. Go to My account -> Profile and look for your KNWU ID under Identification numbers.
Step 3. Send your KNWU ID to the board, they will register you at Hellingproof, this KNWU membership costs 12 euros annually.

To compete you either get full license (see below) or a day license.
Step 4. For the day license you can just follow a registration link to the competition and it should say an extra fee of 2 euro on top of the normal registration fee.

For each competition there are different categories associated with their licenses, for beginners this will be the starting license. (Licenses are official and therefore cost money, Start License 2022 = 30.60,-)
Step 4. At my account -> Licenses you will be given the option to request a license.

When registering for a student cup, the link to registration will always be shared in the group app. You can also find this competition next to all other competitions (not only students) under the heading Calendar.

If nothing makes sense please just ask us!