Come cycling with us and discover the beautiful environment of Wageningen as we are surrounded by several of The Netherlands’ most beautiful national parks such as Utrechtse Heuvelrug, Hoge Veluwe, the Betuwe and Ginkelse Heide. Having fun together is priority number one in our association, although we do not shy away from provoking each other when a town sign comes in sight. So whether you are a classical tourer, riding with the elites, cycle only when the suns out, or whether you are more of the mountain bike type of person, everyone can join in! When we’ve had our kilometres on the bike it’s refuelling time: join parties, drinks, barbecues and watch the cycling races together!

Are you interested in our cycling club? Participate one of our trainings! You can casually join us even when you don’t have a proper bike yourself yet. We have a mountain bike and a road bike that you can try! Prefer to meet us during one of our activities? Of course a possibility as well!

Mail us at and see you soon!