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Thursday 6 December we celebrated Sinterbaas. Unfortunately, Sinterbaas himself couldn’t be there because he was still recovering from his birthday party at 5 December. Especially Harmen was very sad about this, because he also missed the Saint at our Pubquiz. Despite of this, Sinterbaas still managed to provide our Hellingprofs with a lot of presents.


The ‘tension is to cut’ at the start of the gift game


Before everyone could start grabbing, stealing, switching and opening presents, Sinterbaas’ head Pete Niels had an important message for all the new Hellingproof members. Thereafter, the gift unwrapping game began and within a roller coaster of emotions, no one was certain of what presents they were getting until the very last moment. Only Robin, a master in playing games, managed to end up with his gift of preference, a 2 L shampoo bottle from the Action.

What present would be on top of Jake’s head? It remains a mystery


At the end, everyone ended up with a present they were happy with, a present they were unhappy with, or nothing. Luckily the only thing that mattered was that we all had a great time and that is a present no one can ever take away from us.








Hellingproof Lustrum!

Lustrum opening party

At Tuesday 13th of November, we started our Lustrum activities with an opening party at Annies Kroeg. The evening started well with the special reveal of our new loan bike. Everyone who wants to try out cycling with Hellingproof during the start of the new season can enjoy this beautiful bike.

The beautiful new loan bike shining in the spotlights at Annies Kroeg


After everyone was finished admiring the bike, people started to play fun games with each other like ‘Stef Stuntpiloot’, ‘foosball’ and ‘beerpong’. However, it is not possible to describe the fun the Hellingprofs had that evening in words. Therefore, we will show it with some nice pictures:

As always, Hellingprofs are training for the next beerpong tournament that is coming up


Ehlana, Alger en Gijs enjoying the evening


Tjalle obviously enjoying his evening as well



Onno cherishing his special beers


Bart telling a joke, Robin laughing but Alger finding the joke quite offensive

Spinning lesson from Filip

The day after, everyone could recover from the night before by the special Lustrum spinning lesson from Filip. Almost the entire spinning room was full of Hellingprofs so we are very proud of the turn-out, showing that our association has grown a lot over the past years! With our own (Sigrids) songs, everybody had a reason to push it to the limits, while being motivated by Filips encouragements. Unfortunately, not all people in the Bongerd could enjoy our songs as much as we did 😉

Filip breathless while trying to shout over his own music


After the spinning lesson, there was a drink with our friends from IJzersterk. Our birthday party was of course celebrated with cake.


The Thursday of the first Lustrum week, some Hellingprofs had the opportunity to join an escaperoom experience in Wageningen. There were two different escape rooms: the crazy farmer and the prisoner of war. The crazy farmers were very dedicated to prevent the ‘crazy farmer’ from destroying the world by his dangerous invention. Because of the astonishing teamwork, this group was the first team getting out of their escape room. The other team had more trouble in their ‘war bunker’. At a certain time close to the end there was an error in the escaperoom, but they still managed to get out in time.

However the crazy farmer team had to wait a very long time for the other team, so they started to play a nice game of pool to kill the time. They almost managed to finish a whole pooling competition while waiting.

Both teams brotherly standing next to each other after the intense experience they just had

Lustrum ride

On the 18th of November we had our special lustrum ride. Although all the side activities were very nice, as a real cycling association you must host a special ride to celebrate your lustrum. There was only one place where you could go during such a special occasion: The Posbank. So, on a bitterly cold morning we started our journey with a group of about 15 people (rather conspicuously the female-male ratio was 0). Although it was really cold, the sun was shining brightly and after a while it became quite comfortable on the bike (some people disagree though). Eventually, we reached the gigantic summit of the Posbank and we decided that we needed to celebrate that as well with a cup of coffee and some cake. Bravely we decided to sit outside, but that was probably not so smart. When we got on the bike again everyone was frozen to the bone. After a few hours riding we reached Wageningen again and we could look back upon a very nice day.

No photos were taken during the ride. Therefore this polar bear is shown, who nicely reflects the terrible cold that was conquered that day

Hellingproof pubquiz

The second Lustrum week started with a special Hellingproof pubquiz at Loburg. Beforehand, a special guest was announced and rumours were going around on who it was. People were thinking about Annemiek van Vleuten, Casper, or maybe even Jan-Willem van Schip. However no one guessed it right, because the special guest was even better than anyone could have ever imagined: it was Sinterbaas!

Sinterbaas giving a thumbs up to all the Hellingprofs


It was an exciting pubquiz, and it was a ‘neck to neck’ race with some teams competing for victory. Eventually, one team did so well in the last round that they ended up in the lead with 69 points, way ahead of the second place.

Team Der Mitgliedcoördinator receiving their prize

Fancy dinner

The final activity of the Lustrum celebrations was the fancy dinner at Villa Brutus in Ede. As cyclists, of course we went to Ede by bike, with a peloton of 33 Hellingprofs. Some of our earliest members who were joining the dinner said that they could remember the times when Hellingproof didn’t even exist out of 33 members. After this emotional moment of realisation what had become of Hellingproof, it was time to eat our bellies full.

The new Hellingproof camera is of such good quality that even Rutger can keep his eyes open and smile on a photo!


Proof that Villa Brutus was crouded with Hellingprofs during the dinner


Harmen and Gijs delighted by the sight of their appetizer









After the dinner, the moment occurred where everyone waited for during the whole evening: the distribution of our first Almanak! Of course the first ever members of Hellingproof (Bart and Harmen) had the honour to receive the first Almanaks.

Bart and Harmen proudly presenting the Almanak


The Lustrum committee and the board were very delighted to see how many of us participated in all the Lustrum activities. We had a great two weeks and hope to see you all during our next Lustrum, which is only still 1810 days ahead of us!

Change of boards

Tuesday 2 October was the General Members Meeting (ALV). During this meeting, there was reflected on last year, the winners of the classifications were handed their prizes, and the members of different committees got a small gift for their hard work last year. After that, the board changed and there was looked at all the nice activities and board goals for coming year. After the meeting was over, there were some free drinks by our already very generous new treasurer Rik.

A week later at Tuesday 9 October was our constitution drink, during which Hellingprofs and other board members could congratulate the new board. Last years board took a lot of effort in going to all other constitution drinks to make ours busier… and with success! Even our cycling friends from Amsterdam and Utrecht came to have a drink with us. However, it became clear that they not only came for the drinks, but also for our attributes.

It didn’t take long before we lost most of them. Even the treasurer was kidnapped. However, the Amsterdam board was so nice to give him in loan for the time being. Despite all of this, it still was a great evening with a lot of different boards and Hellingprofs!

Here is some introduction of the new board members so that you know what you will be up against when asking all of your questions to them:


I am this year’s chairman of Hellingproof. I was also part of last year’s board. I will do my best to lead the board to another successful year for Hellingproof. Some facts about myself.  I’m 22 years old. I’m currently in my fourth year of my special planning education and I’m also a geography teacher. I’m still working in a bike shop. However most of the time I spent on one of my bikes. To the university I use my 40 year old simplex Amsterdam police bike. For all my other bike related activities I can use one of my two racing bikes, a beach bike and a track/fixed gear bike. If you have questions about the association, cycling, bikes etc etc do not hesitate to ask them. I hope to see you all on our trainings and activities!


My name is Onno, I am 21 years old and I come from a town called ‘Sint Odiliënberg’ located in Limburg. I study the master earth and environment and started riding a road bike 2.5 years ago when I bought a second-hand 10-year-old Giant TCR. After I absolutely ravaged my bike in Austria (I was there on exchange for 5 months) I bought a new bike this summer, which is also a Giant TCR, but a 1000 times better. Currently those are the only two bikes I have but depending on the amount of money I have more may follow. My role in the new board is vice-chairman and my goals for the board are to make the integration of new members as smooth as possible and to make them feel at home and off course to have a lot of fun as well.


Hi! My name is Jeroen Louwinger. I’m in my second year of the bachelor spatial planning. This year I will be the secretary of Hellingproof. I’m the one who maintains contact with the sports center about our trainings, ensure that no e-mails remain unseen and that the e-mails reach the right person of the board. I also take the minutes of all the meetings that we will have together. I cycle on a Koga Kimera road prestige team (2015). Actually, I have two of them, one assembled with Shimano 105 and the other one with Shimano Ultegra. Likewise a Specialized Crosstrail elite disc as a mountainbike. Besides cycling I wake up three

mornings a week at 5 am to swim! This year, I hope to be able to contribute to a well running of activities and to keep the board running smoothly.


Hey everybody, I’m Rik Timmers, the new treasurer of Hellingproof. I’m in my second year now of the bachelor forest and nature conservation. For the members who don’t know me personally, my advice is to just keep talking to the other Hellingprofs, and once you stumble upon someone with a very recognizable awesome Limburgish accent you have found me. My bike collection now consists of four bikes, three road bikes and one mtb. My personal goal for the new year as member of the board is to convince one of my friends who recently started cycling to join Hellingproof.


My name is Gijs, I’m 22 years old (although some people might confuse this number with 13) and I usually bike on the never forsaking, well known and always beautiful Rose Xeon RS-3000. You might know me from last year, rumours saying that then I was Hellingproof board member as well. I’m currently in the second year of two of the masters I’m following in Wageningen: Biotechnology and Nutrition & Health. My cycling ambitions consist mainly of having a good time on the bike while also being a little competitive once in a while. This year I am fulfilling the role of media commissioner within the Hellingproof board, which means that coming year I will be the proud main editor of our beloved cycling mail. A main goal in my second year as board member is to try and get as many Hellingprofs as possible involved in our many activities we’ve planned for coming year. I also think it’s important to improve the fame of Hellingproof within Wageningen so that more and more people can envision their Hellingprof they knew they always had inside.


Hello dear Hellingprofs! My name is Roeland Jensma and I’m the commissioner PR in our new Board. I just turned 19 last month and I’m currently in my second year of the bachelor Plant Science. I grew up in the always beautiful ‘Noordoostpolder’ in a small village called Marknesse. On these boring straight, long roads without any hills to be seen, I started my cycling career on my Specialized Allez Comp (which I still use today), about two years ago. So, I’m still quite a rookie on the bike, but my first year of cycling with Hellingproof has improved my cycling skills substantially. At the beginning of this semester I even rode my first race, ‘de ronde van Bemmel.’ I enjoyed every bit of it and that’s why I will try to compete in most of the student cups of next season. However, this is my first time ever to be part of a board. I hope to learn a lot from being part of this board. Besides this, with my admiration for Hellingproof and my passion for cycling I’m motivated to make Hellingproof again a slightly greater cycling club than it already is.


Dutch student championships

The biggest race of the year was there again. All the hard work that was done over the last season had to pay off now. Everyone was determined to let every pedal stroke count. Who would get the eternal glory to ride in the red-white-blue jersey? First the women without licence started their race. Els, Sigrid and Anouk did everything they could and finished in the peloton, but unfortunately SKITS managed to take the podium all for themselves. Then it was the turn of the men without licence. Hellingproof had a big delegation with Robin, Alger, Bram, Jetze, Jeroen, Onno, Rik and Job and especially for Robin this was the big day. Could he manage to get the leader jersey back and maybe even secure the win? The Hellingprofs did very well to stay in the peloton in very windy conditions, but then disaster struck. Robin found out that his wheel was not tightened properly, and he had to stop and secure his back wheel. Luckily, he could get back behind a car and because of his magic legs he still managed to finish 3rd! Unfortunately, the overall leader won so he did not manage to get the overall jersey back.

Robin with his nice 2nd place overall in the SWN classification


Afterwards it was time for the men with license to shine with Bas, Bart and Tjalle. Tjalle showed his race wisdom to get in the breakaway that managed to get to the finish first. Unfortunately, he did not manage to get into the top 3 but still managed a respectable 5th. Bas showed he is a bit less smart than Tjalle to get into a ‘chasse patate’ on his own but still finished in front of the bunch as 9th. Afterwards he succumbed on the ground and made for a laughable seen.

Bart helping Bas after his NSK race, while Tjalle just laughs at the situation


The last race with people from our delegation was the men elite race with Niels and Harmen. Niels prepared excellently by getting out of the bar at 6 the same morning. Therefore, he managed to get into a solo breakaway but, despite the excellent preparation, he could not manage to stay ahead of the bunch. Eventually the race ended in a bunch sprint and neither rider was really able to participate. Despite that we had an excellent day and we treated ourselves with a recovery meal at restaurant the golden arches and another episode of boer zoekt vrouw.

Introductionweekend 2018

During the weekend of 29 and 30 September we held our introduction weekend to welcome our new Hellingprofs to our association. The weekend started on Saturday morning with a photo hunt along iconic places near Wageningen. The weather was very nice which made it a great cycling trip. In the afternoon was a combined beach volleyball and knotsball activity. The knotsball activity was meant to prepare Hellingprofs for the Knotsball tournament that will take place next month with IJzerksterk. The beach volleyball was improvised because it was such gorgeous weather that it was also nice to do an activity outside. In the evening we had delicious Chinese food and afterwards did some nice beerponging. The new Hellingprofs of course needed to know that this is our second sport and by seeing the new beerpong talent that evening made the ‘old’ Hellingprofs very content.

Everyone was already discussing their beerpong tactics during dinner.


On Sunday was the traditional Posbank ride and afterwards we watched the world championships together at the sportspub. We saw the beautiful mountains around Innsbruck and watched Valverde sprinting to victory, which for some reason made Onno all extremely happy. So all in all, it was a very successful weekend!

Studentcup Eindhoven

The studentcup in Eindhoven was our last chance to get in top shape before the NSK started. The Hellingprofs being the main force in the men without licence bunch we had high expectations on a good result. Eventually Robin managed to get 4th but he wasn’t happy since he ended just off the podium and lost his leader jersey as well. In the women’s race Els and Sigrid managed a well-earned peloton finish, but again no podium unfortunately. All the Hellingprofs were already in despair but in our biggest hour of darkness Harmen managed to get into the breakaway in the men with licence race and finished a fantastic 3rd!

Lap of the Southern Sea

During the summer break most hellingprofs went for a ride in far away country, but some opted for a challenge which was closer to home: The Southern Sea. Harmen’s parents were nice enough to let us stay the night(and drink their supply of beer) so we could start our ride at sunrise. We were supposed to leave at 6:00, but even though Robin was not present we still didn’t manage to leave in time.

Gijs, Bas and Bart looked very motivated for the ride.


Alger, Bas, Bart, Gijs, Guy(an infiltrator from the Domrenner), Harmen, Niels and Tjalle left a little later than 6:00 for a ride of approximately 380 km. Niels started at the front of the small peloton and made sure we had a good starting average speed. Everybody was in shock when Niels asked for someone els to do some work at the front after more than two hours. The first stop was just over the border in the always beautiful foreign Friesland. They even learned that there is a mountain in Friesland. On the way to the next coffee stop Harmen got his first of two flat tires. Niels took full advantage of the moment and went for a nap on the side of the road.

Here you can see Niels during one of his power naps.


The second stop was just before the infamous ”Afsluitdijk” a 30 km dike with headwind which connects Friesland with the mainland of the Netherlands. After 250 km we arrived at Sonja’s house for another stop. During this stop the atmosphere was amazing and everybody was in the mood for the remaining 130 km.

The atmosphere was great during the stop at Sonja’s house.


It wasn’t long before the mood dropped so the decision was immediately made to stop at the Burger King in Amsterdam (which Bas could guide us to without using any navigation). We even needed another stop before the Burger King for some to get some extra sleep. After Amsterdam (only) 80 km were left and the pace was increased again. Even the ”bordjes sprints” were contested, Tjalle, the Joop Zoetemelk of Hellingproof, finished second every time (as usual). But the pace was disrupted by another flat tire for Harmen and a ferry that was out of use. Eventually we made it back to Harmen’s parents so we could eat all their pizza’s and drink the remaining of their beer supply. The next day Niels was invited to talk about this adventure on National radio in a Tour de France talk program.

At the end of the ride we were welcomed with plenty of pizzza’s.

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