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Studentcup Maastricht

-Text by Susan-

On Sunday 21 May the round of Wolder was held. There was nearly no flat piece in the lap of 3.5 km. Every lap we had to climb the Louwberg. We had to get up early to be on time in Maastricht. 8:15 AM we left to the sunny south of the Netherlands together with 5 Hellingprofs. In the train it was quite busy with other bikers, and at one time there were even 9 bikes in the bicycle coupé. After a long journey we arrived in Maastricht, just in time for the start of the Linda who participated in the fun class. She was the only women in the race, but she cycled very strong! Soon a leading group was formed, and of course Linda was part of it, together with 3 man. After a few rounds one of the man got a flat tire, and the leading group continued with 3. Supporters were very surprised that there was a woman in the leading group. ‘Who is that woman? That’s not a woman, it’s a machine’. The organisation had to search quickly for a Mister instead of a Miss. At the last climb of the race one of the man in the leading group escaped, won the race. Just after him Linda and a man from Dutch Mountains finished in a close sprint with only a few mm difference. Linda became third in the race, which is a very good performance!

After Linda it was the turn of the man without licence. Hellingprofs participating in this race were Bart, Martijn, Alger, Bram and Onno. Today the teams from DM and Mercurius were with many people. Due to problems with his gear Martijn had to left the race because of 4 minutes distance on the peloton, but he rode very strong.

Bram leading the peloton

Bart showed that he can not only sprint, but also climb. He became second in the final sprint and thereby got the third place. The gap in the final rankings behind Bart and number 2 is even bigger than it was. Bram finished just behind Bart in the peloton and became 7th. Alger finished on the 12th place, and Onno, who rode his first race ever, became 21th.

Bart is tired after his race

Next race it was Susan’s turn to represent Hellingproof. She was the only Hellingproof girl, against a team of 7 from Dutch Mountains, 5 from Mercurius and Teuntje Beekhuis from Squadra Veloce. Teamtactics were made before the race, and therefore the first lap was easy, to hold the teams together as long as possible. Susan attacked a few times to break up the teams. In the final climb a girl from Dutch Mountains attacked. Susan followed, and directly passed her and on her own she drove the last kilometre to the finish line and won the race. With that the leading jersey is a bit tighter around her shoulders.

Susan is leading the peloton as the strongest girl

In the category man with a licence Gijs and Tjalle were the only riders from Hellingproof. The race started very fast, but Gijs en Tjalle are good climbers and could follow the peloton for more than 30 minutes. At the end the speed of the peloton became too high, and first Gijs had to left the race and after that Tjalle got cramps on the Louwberg and had to stop his race.

All in all is was a successful, and nice day for Hellingproof in Wolder, with 3 podium places and 2 leading jerseys.

Bart on the podium

Susan wins!

Hellingprofs on the USA sports day

Last Friday a team of Hellingproof was present at the USA sports day. In this competition six teams were battling for the win. Five different sports were practiced: basketball, whiffleball (yes, it is a sport), lacrosse, American football, and beerpong.  After months of preparations and trainings the Hellingprof squad was: Alger, Gijs, Martijn, Niels and Robin. A few weesk ago the Batavierenrace was the final test for this squad. The expectations were not really high, and this was noticeable in the first match: basketball against girls from the Wageningen warriors. The Hellingprofs were clearly flabbergasted by the beast mode of these girls, since they had to come back from 0-1. In the end the boys got it together and won 4-1 (with Harmen as supporter, unfortunately not in banana suit).

After this it was whiffleball time (like baseball, only then with a plastic bat and ball). Again the Hellingprofs took the victory by 4-3, that was two out of two!

Then it was time for lacrosse. The Hellingprofs did not know what to do with the equipment they got for this sport. Again a team of the Wageningen warriors (lacrosse team) was the opponent. After a short introduction it was clear that the Hellingprofs were made for this sport. Smooth attack after smooth attack resulted in multiple chances for the Hellingprofs and the 1-0!! After this we decide to let the Warriors take the win, otherwise the domination would have been too overwhelming. In the end we lost 4-1.

The final outside sport was American football. In the sprint to be the first one to the “ball”, Niels got professionally tackled by two girls. Clearly we were not impressed by this and got the lead by 4-1. In our mind we were already playing the beer pong final, so in the dying seconds it became surprisingly exciting when the opponent scored the 4-3.

With this latest victory we ended up in the beer/sinaspong final, with the girls from Wageningen warriors as opponent. After Doutzen Kroes (yes Gijs, she is should Google her) and Sven Kramer, Alger decided to become the next Frisian hero and make the final shot. The atmosphere was unbelievable, we even got reports that people in Friesland went on the streets to celebrate it. We won a ticket for a free pizza! Thursday 1st of June Thymos sports night will be organized. We are now the big favorite for this, so we need your help!


Success for Hellingproof on the NSK ITT 2017: Julie wins, Susan second!

Last Saturday 13 May the NSK time trial was organised by Hellingproof. The track was in the open fields of the Binnenveld, making the riders susceptible for the wind.

The day started with the men without license who had to ride three laps. A big squad for Hellingproof was present: Alger, Bart, Bram, Conor, Erik, Martijn, Stijn and Thijs. Bart was the first at the starting line and set a sharp time, while the time of Thijs was also fast and just behind Bart. Unfortunately for Stijn he encountered a flat tire, so he had to withdraw from the race. In the end Bart ended up as 5th, Thijs 10th, Conor 18th, Bram 21st, Erik 23rd, Alger 26th and Martijn 28th. For the first time this year no podium for the men without license, but still great results!

Thijs and Alger warming up

For the ladies without license Julie, Martine Susan and Vera were brave enough to battle with the wind in the Binnenveld. Our ladies had to ride two laps. Martine rode hir first race of the season and ended up as 17th, Vera became 12th, Susan continued to show her top form and ended up as 2nd, and with all her experience Julie took the win! She was even faster than all the ladies with license and will now be wearing the national championship jersey for the coming season. Congratulations Susan and Julie with these podium places!

In the men with license we had two riders: Tjalle and Gijs had to ride four laps. Tjalle was highly motivated and rode a super fast race, he ended up as 5th. Our climbing goat Gijs fought his way through the wind and finished as 19th.

Our Hellingproof member Wim van der Zwaluw made some nice pictures during the event, you can find these HERE.

A big thanks to all volunteers, without you it would not have been possible. Besides that also thanks for joining the race, or cheering on the sideline.




Last weekend Hellingproof was, together with Dutch Mountains, present at the Batavierenrace. A team of 25 people was formed for this prestigious student running race over almost 175 km with more than 300 teams at the start. The start was Friday evening in Nijmegen, the finish Saturday in the afternoon on the campus of Enschede. Some of the team members trained very hard, while for others it was the first run of the year. Despite this, a 37th overall place was achieved! The average speed of our team was 13.03 km/h. Despite the cold weather and little sleep it was a successful weekend!

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