Month: March 2017

Studentcup Delft

Saturday 25th of March the first race of the year took place. In all three categories we had several Hellingproofers at the start. The kick-off was by our ladies Els, Sigrid and Susan. For Sigrid this was her first race, but she managed to finish. Susan was able to finish in the first group and ended at a nice 5th place.

For the men without license the squad was bigger: Alger, Bart, Bram, Conor, Jorn, Martijn and Thijs. Unfortunately Jorn’s race was done after 2 meters…his cranck broke. The other riders were constantly at the front of the peloton. In the end Thijs managed to get in a breakaway with another rider. In the sprint-a-deux he was able to take the first Hellingproof victory for the season. In the upcoming peloton Bart sprinted to the 3rd place, so we had two riders on the podium. Thijs is now also the first leader of the overall classification.

Last but not least, it was time for the men with license. For Hellingproof Niels, Robin and Ruben were present. From the first meters it was full gas. Niels and Ruben were present in the first breakaway, while Robin remained in the peloton. The breakaway group shrunk more and more, until also for Ruben the speed was just too high. Niels was able to remain in the breakaway and finished 6th. Ruben finished just in front of the peloton, and Robin in the peloton.

After the race we had a nice meal with all students and the trip back to Wageningen could start. We hope to have a similar result next week at our own race.

Race pictures were taken by our member Wim van der Zwaluw.

Heel Hellingproof bakt

The first ever edition of the Heel Hellingproof Bakt pie bake competition was a great success. There were a lot of delicious pies, muesli bars and tiramisu, by which the three-headed jury was very delighted. They judged on taste, appearance, structure and the story behind the pie. Also the spectators were able to taste the most wonderful creations, making it a great evening.

The proud winner was Thijs, with his Coffee with Caramel combination. Runner up was the Carrotcake of Susan, with equal gradings. On the third place was Ymke’s apple pie, classy but tasty.

The jury responded very professional to all pies. Some of the best quotes of the evening are stated here:

Bart: ‘The muesli bars of Rutger deserve bonus points, since they can be taken with you on the bike’, while everyone came by bike and brought there pies.

Bart: ‘We prepared ourselves by watching three years of Heel Holland Bakt on tv.’

Thijs: ‘What is this, a pie of puke?’ about Bram his pie made of speculaas.

Bart: ‘Did you harvest your own blueberries?’ about the joyful berries on top of Els sponge pie.

Luuk: ‘It would be fun that due to this night, all Hellingprofs gains weight, while Harmen is losing it.’

Bart: ‘Niels, did you bake a rock?’ about the delicious tiramisu which was not really a tiramisu pie.

Niels: ‘It still tastes pretty reasonable since I know how it is made’ responding to Barts comment.

Bart: ‘I am the fucking jury!

Thijs: ‘Is this all?’ after eight pieces of pie.

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