Boardyear 2022-23: 10th Hellingproof board

Chairwoman: Anna Lith
Secretary: Yoram Roelofs
Treasurer: Sofie van Hemmen
Commissioner of Internal Affairs: Toon Groenendijk
Commissioner of Public Relations: Job Hermans
Lustrum Commissioner: Elza van Delft

Since November 2022 the 10th board of Hellingproof has been installed. With at the helm Anna Lith. Who has previous board experience (7 th board) and is the perfect candidate for chairing the 10th board. Yoram Roelofs, previous Treasurer, will take on the role of Secretary. He takes care of all incoming mail, the administration and documentation. The treasurer of the board is Sofie van Hemmen. With her eye for detail she will be managing the money flows in and out of the association. Toon Groenendijk is the commissioner of internal affairs. Apart from managing the committees and road-captains, he is also in charge of the Hellingproof clothing orders and the loan bikes and tools. Then there is the commissioner of public relations, Job Hermans. He is in charge of managing our social media presence and he maintains contact with external parties. And last but not least we will have a Lustrum Commissioner this year as our second Lustrum is coming up.