A Confidential Contact Person (VCP or CA) is someone who you can talk to when you or someone you know is experiencing or has experienced unwanted or unacceptable behaviour. Unwanted or unacceptable behaviour can take many forms, like discrimination, bullying, (sexual) harassment, threats, stalking or gossiping, both online and offline. Even if it is very subtle, unwanted or unacceptable behaviour can still have a great impact on your feeling of safety and your pleasure in exercising.

A CA will help you to work out a strategy best suited to you and your situation. When you come and talk to a CA you are the boss. We are here to help you work out a strategy but we can and will not act without your knowledge. And of course, everything you tell us is confidential.

CA SCB Bongerd

Multiple sports instructors of Sports Centre de Bongerd have been trained to be VCP. These Sports instructors can be contacted by mail. Specifically for Hellingproof Casper Helling and Ingi Alofs have been appointed but feel free to contact the VCP you feel most comfortable with. More information on what teachers are VCP and their email address can be found here.

Casper Helling

Ingi Alofs

CA SWU Thymos

Two SWU Thymos board members are VCP’s. Who they are and how to contact them can be found here.

CA Wageningen University & Research

Wageningen University has Confidential Advisers (CA). These CA’s are professionals this differs from VCP which are often volunteers that followed a training. You can contact the CA’s via vpstudent@wur.nl, for more information you can look here