Currently we have three different committees in our association.


We are the MeisCie (Girls Committee)! You might know us from our pink posters throughout the Campus and our Facebook messages concerning Womens-rides. We represent the ladies of Hellingproof and our main focus and objective is to make the association accessible for all levels. The committee consists of Sonja, Michele, Anna, Nienke and Sigrid. As a committee, we emphasize that Hellingproof is not only about fast cycling, but that we also like to come together for a drink or a chill ride through the beautiful area of Wageningen. Examples of what we do are: organizing several women-rides in which the average speed is achievable for everyone, movienights, and we have set up a network of people who like to cycle and could join Hellingproof.

Since there has already been a significant increase in female members at Hellingproof, we will additionally try to keep the (new) female members active and involved in the association. 

We hope to see you join us soon! 

– Sigrid, Anna, Nienke, Michèle, Sonja and Troela –

Activity committee

The Axi organizes activities for its members, varying from summer barbecues to baking competitions and from drinks to cycling weekends at home and abroad. The aim of the activities is to get to know each other better in addition to the training sessions and to chat about our cycling adventures, each other’s strava rides and the big contenders among the pros.

Currently, the Axi consists of Talis, Jip, Toon, Isabelle and Jelmer. The five of us brainstorm about twice a month to come up with fun activities.

If you have any questions / suggestions for us, you can always send an email to!

See you at a training or one of the hellingproof activities!

Sponsor committee

Sponsor committee

The main goal of this committee is to gain the attention from potential sponsors for our club. Our current sponsors are café Loburg and Prins.
Ehlana, Levien, Gijs, and Alger