We have very exciting news for you! Starting next week, the 16th of March we have a NEW training hour on Tuesdays. Not just another training we already know, but a brand new training type. We are going to train on track! This will be on the cycling track of WV Ede.

During this training hour the focus is on intervals and high intensity training as well as better bike handling and cycling technique. This is really an addition if you want to train for your first student cup or train full power, which are both not safe on the public road, but it is also an excellent training to improve your technical bike skills/ handling.

The training will be from 17.30 till 18.30 on the track of of WV Ede (Horsterweg 5, Ede), but we will leave from the Bongerd at 17.00 to cycle in small groups to Ede.

This training will be an addition to our normal training hours on Monday and Wednesday. These will continue as soon as possible.

You can subscribe to the trainig on our event page