Boardyear 2021-22: 9th Hellingproof board

Chairman: Ingmar Dolfing
Secretary: Jelle van Gent
Treasurer: Yoram Roelofs
Commissioner of Internal Affairs: Steven van Ree
Commissioner of Public Relations: Ties Kuijpers

Since October 2021 the 9th board of Hellingproof has been installed. The big helmsman of this board is Ingmar Dolfing. With his experience from last year’s board he is the perfect person to be the chairman. Jelle van Gent is the secretary. He takes care of all incoming mail, the administration and documentation. The treasurer of the board is Yoram Roelofs. With his eye for detail he will be managing the money flows in and out of the association. Steven van Ree is the commissioner of internal affairs. Apart from managing the committees and road-captains, he is also in charge of the Hellingproof clothing orders and the loan bikes and tools. Lastly there is the commissioner of public relations, Ties Kuijpers. He is in charge of managing our social media presence and he maintains contact with external parties.

A board without a vision is like cycling without a map. That is why the 9th board has set up board goals. We want to improve safety while cycling and we would like to lower the threshold for getting into racing. Last but not least we want to give more focus on mountain biking within the association. After all, our motto is : “Road, dirt or track, we have got your back”.