Boardyear 2020-21: 8th Hellingproof board

Chairman: Jetze van Heelsum
Secretary: Talis Bosma
Treasurer: Ingmar Dolfing
Commissioner of Internal Affairs: Sjoerd Polder
Commissioner of Public Relations: Vera Putker

“Soigneren, Demarreren, Memoreren” (Healing, accelerating, memorizing). With this tag line as guideline this ambitious and wayward board enters an interesting year. An exceptionally fast growing amount of members and a worldwide crisis is not particularly a recipe for an easy board year, but it will be memorable definitely. Amongst four others, the 8th board consists of Jetze van Heelsum. With all his talent, he is on the chairman’s throne. His experience with cycling associations makes him the perfect person to guarantee a clear vision. The Secretary, Talis Bosma, takes care of all documentation, members’ administration and mail issues. Ingmar Dolfing is in charge of all the monetary flows and maintains our website. Our commissioner of Internal Affairs is Sjoerd Polder. He is the anchor for all committees and road-captains of the association, but if you would like to borrow aero bars or order a new Hellingproof clothing kit, he’s the person to go to. Vera Putker is the communication channel outwards. As commissioner of Public Relations she’ll keep an eye on the amount of likes, and keep in touch with external parties.

Our vision is to retain our low-threshold group of friends identity, while structuring and professionalising behind the scenes. By this we ensure to heal our members to get everyone to fall in line; we accelerate to keep up with the growth spurt in the increasing amount of members; and that this year will become memorable is without a doubt.