Boardyear 2019-20: 7th Hellingproof board

Chairwoman: Ehlana Haring
Secretary: Anna Lith
Treasurer: Levien Kavelaars:
Racingcommissioner: Jetze van Heelsum
Commissioner of Internal Affairs: Talis Bosma

Since October 2019, our breeze of fresh air goes trough Hellingproof. This extremely balanced and talented board leads the association through a new year full of fresh ideas and innovations. Ehlana is behind the wheel of the association and keeps it sailing in the right direction. Anna takes care of the communication of the team and keeps the socials up to date. Meanwhile, Levien makes sure the financial pathway is smooth and swept by carefully keeping track of all the receipts. Jetze, as our material nerd and racing fanatic, keeps himself busy with everything related to the competition and KNWU. And last but not least, Talis makes sure that every member of the association looks perfect in their Hellingproof jersey, the rental bikes are in top condition, as well as providing a well filled newsletter every month. As can be seen on the photograph, this is a hard working board that can suprise with its creativity but takes its task serious, but always with a smile!