Thursday 6 December we celebrated Sinterbaas. Unfortunately, Sinterbaas himself couldn’t be there because he was still recovering from his birthday party at 5 December. Especially Harmen was very sad about this, because he also missed the Saint at our Pubquiz. Despite of this, Sinterbaas still managed to provide our Hellingprofs with a lot of presents.


The ‘tension is to cut’ at the start of the gift game


Before everyone could start grabbing, stealing, switching and opening presents, Sinterbaas’ head Pete Niels had an important message for all the new Hellingproof members. Thereafter, the gift unwrapping game began and within a roller coaster of emotions, no one was certain of what presents they were getting until the very last moment. Only Robin, a master in playing games, managed to end up with his gift of preference, a 2 L shampoo bottle from the Action.

What present would be on top of Jake’s head? It remains a mystery


At the end, everyone ended up with a present they were happy with, a present they were unhappy with, or nothing. Luckily the only thing that mattered was that we all had a great time and that is a present no one can ever take away from us.