Tuesday 2 October was the General Members Meeting (ALV). During this meeting, there was reflected on last year, the winners of the classifications were handed their prizes, and the members of different committees got a small gift for their hard work last year. After that, the board changed and there was looked at all the nice activities and board goals for coming year. After the meeting was over, there were some free drinks by our already very generous new treasurer Rik.

A week later at Tuesday 9 October was our constitution drink, during which Hellingprofs and other board members could congratulate the new board. Last years board took a lot of effort in going to all other constitution drinks to make ours busier… and with success! Even our cycling friends from Amsterdam and Utrecht came to have a drink with us. However, it became clear that they not only came for the drinks, but also for our attributes.

It didn’t take long before we lost most of them. Even the treasurer was kidnapped. However, the Amsterdam board was so nice to give him in loan for the time being. Despite all of this, it still was a great evening with a lot of different boards and Hellingprofs!

Here is some introduction of the new board members so that you know what you will be up against when asking all of your questions to them:


I am this year’s chairman of Hellingproof. I was also part of last year’s board. I will do my best to lead the board to another successful year for Hellingproof. Some facts about myself.  I’m 22 years old. I’m currently in my fourth year of my special planning education and I’m also a geography teacher. I’m still working in a bike shop. However most of the time I spent on one of my bikes. To the university I use my 40 year old simplex Amsterdam police bike. For all my other bike related activities I can use one of my two racing bikes, a beach bike and a track/fixed gear bike. If you have questions about the association, cycling, bikes etc etc do not hesitate to ask them. I hope to see you all on our trainings and activities!


My name is Onno, I am 21 years old and I come from a town called ‘Sint Odiliënberg’ located in Limburg. I study the master earth and environment and started riding a road bike 2.5 years ago when I bought a second-hand 10-year-old Giant TCR. After I absolutely ravaged my bike in Austria (I was there on exchange for 5 months) I bought a new bike this summer, which is also a Giant TCR, but a 1000 times better. Currently those are the only two bikes I have but depending on the amount of money I have more may follow. My role in the new board is vice-chairman and my goals for the board are to make the integration of new members as smooth as possible and to make them feel at home and off course to have a lot of fun as well.


Hi! My name is Jeroen Louwinger. I’m in my second year of the bachelor spatial planning. This year I will be the secretary of Hellingproof. I’m the one who maintains contact with the sports center about our trainings, ensure that no e-mails remain unseen and that the e-mails reach the right person of the board. I also take the minutes of all the meetings that we will have together. I cycle on a Koga Kimera road prestige team (2015). Actually, I have two of them, one assembled with Shimano 105 and the other one with Shimano Ultegra. Likewise a Specialized Crosstrail elite disc as a mountainbike. Besides cycling I wake up three

mornings a week at 5 am to swim! This year, I hope to be able to contribute to a well running of activities and to keep the board running smoothly.


Hey everybody, I’m Rik Timmers, the new treasurer of Hellingproof. I’m in my second year now of the bachelor forest and nature conservation. For the members who don’t know me personally, my advice is to just keep talking to the other Hellingprofs, and once you stumble upon someone with a very recognizable awesome Limburgish accent you have found me. My bike collection now consists of four bikes, three road bikes and one mtb. My personal goal for the new year as member of the board is to convince one of my friends who recently started cycling to join Hellingproof.


My name is Gijs, I’m 22 years old (although some people might confuse this number with 13) and I usually bike on the never forsaking, well known and always beautiful Rose Xeon RS-3000. You might know me from last year, rumours saying that then I was Hellingproof board member as well. I’m currently in the second year of two of the masters I’m following in Wageningen: Biotechnology and Nutrition & Health. My cycling ambitions consist mainly of having a good time on the bike while also being a little competitive once in a while. This year I am fulfilling the role of media commissioner within the Hellingproof board, which means that coming year I will be the proud main editor of our beloved cycling mail. A main goal in my second year as board member is to try and get as many Hellingprofs as possible involved in our many activities we’ve planned for coming year. I also think it’s important to improve the fame of Hellingproof within Wageningen so that more and more people can envision their Hellingprof they knew they always had inside.


Hello dear Hellingprofs! My name is Roeland Jensma and I’m the commissioner PR in our new Board. I just turned 19 last month and I’m currently in my second year of the bachelor Plant Science. I grew up in the always beautiful ‘Noordoostpolder’ in a small village called Marknesse. On these boring straight, long roads without any hills to be seen, I started my cycling career on my Specialized Allez Comp (which I still use today), about two years ago. So, I’m still quite a rookie on the bike, but my first year of cycling with Hellingproof has improved my cycling skills substantially. At the beginning of this semester I even rode my first race, ‘de ronde van Bemmel.’ I enjoyed every bit of it and that’s why I will try to compete in most of the student cups of next season. However, this is my first time ever to be part of a board. I hope to learn a lot from being part of this board. Besides this, with my admiration for Hellingproof and my passion for cycling I’m motivated to make Hellingproof again a slightly greater cycling club than it already is.