During the weekend of 29 and 30 September we held our introduction weekend to welcome our new Hellingprofs to our association. The weekend started on Saturday morning with a photo hunt along iconic places near Wageningen. The weather was very nice which made it a great cycling trip. In the afternoon was a combined beach volleyball and knotsball activity. The knotsball activity was meant to prepare Hellingprofs for the Knotsball tournament that will take place next month with IJzerksterk. The beach volleyball was improvised because it was such gorgeous weather that it was also nice to do an activity outside. In the evening we had delicious Chinese food and afterwards did some nice beerponging. The new Hellingprofs of course needed to know that this is our second sport and by seeing the new beerpong talent that evening made the ‘old’ Hellingprofs very content.

Everyone was already discussing their beerpong tactics during dinner.


On Sunday was the traditional Posbank ride and afterwards we watched the world championships together at the sportspub. We saw the beautiful mountains around Innsbruck and watched Valverde sprinting to victory, which for some reason made Onno all extremely happy. So all in all, it was a very successful weekend!