Board 2018-19: 6e Hellingproof board

Chairman: Bas Overdevest
Secretary: Jeroen Louwinger
Treasurer: Rik Timmers
Vice-chairman: Onno Doensen
External Commissioner: Roeland Jensma
Media Commissioner: Gijs Spaans

Of course board VI of Hellingproof was the best and manliest board ever. We (Bas, Onno, Jeroen, Rik, Gijs, Roeland) always performed our tasks with great pleasure and dedication. During our year we had the pleasure of presenting the Hellingproof men’s bike and we had the most successful year ever in the student cups so far. But we also had our (major) shortcomings. Due to poor cycling skills, Roeland, Gijs and Rik suffered from the unpleasant consequences of broken bones. We also sacrificed our life expectancy, because Roeland’s cooking wasn’t exactly perfect. Or to be honest: Roeland’s cooking was terrible. We had the problem that Onno was always ‘tough’ and Jeroen had this weird hobby of getting up extremely early and then going for a swim. Finally, Bas could never stop talking about cycling and that made him quite irritating. Maybe we weren’t that perfect after all, but we were still very manly!