During the beginning of the new study year Hellingproof was also busy! It all began during the AID. On the games day Hellingproof and IJzersterk organised a game for AID participants with ‘diepzitten’ and a ‘slakkenrace’. So, they had to be in the ice skating position as long as possible and cycle as slowly as possible. A few days later the AID sports market was organised. Again Hellingproof was present with a stand. Lots of people came to ask for information, in the end we had almost 70 interested people on our list! We already saw some of you on our introduction trainings. Of course the Hellingproof members were also present on the parties associated with the AID, luckily we still have pictures of those nights!

Monday 4 September it was time for our first training of the new academic year!! Around 35 people were present on this training, with a lot of new faces. After the training we went to Loburg for our monthly drinks where stories of the summer holidays were shared. Because we did not manage to tell about all of our adventures by the end of the evening, we decided to have a cocktail party on the next Thursday at Martijn. The after party was at SSR and for obvious reasons Gijs and Alger brought their ”Stroopwafles”. Not surprisingly it did not work.

Also during the trainings that followed 20-30 people showed up (even when it was raining!!!). We are happy to see this increasing interest and hope this will continue!

One of the highlights during our introduction period was the introduction weekend. On Saturday we gathered around 10:00 in the store of Peerenboom, where drinks and pie were served. After a short introduction we went cycling! Two groups were formed, so that several assignments were done. For example you had to become the slowest ride on a Strava segment, run 50 meters with a wheel, offer stroopwafels to a stranger, let someone make a sandwich with peanut butter and take a picture with a goat. One team had to go to Hoenderloo, while the other team went to Amerongen. Unfortunately the mountains around Wageningen created unstable weather. Team Amerongen was the first victim when it started raining after 15 minutes of cycling. Team Hoenderloo was lucky enough to be on the other side of the mountains, where it was dry a little bit longer. Despite the cold rain the atmosphere on the bike did not suffer, what resulted in a nice series of pictures and movies.

The next activity was a crazy knotsball game, it was nice to see all the cyclists without helmet now. After an intense game we had dinner at Conor’s place. It appeared that  team Hoenderloo was slightly in front after executing the assignments, so for the beer pong final they had an advantage of two cups. Unfortunately the pressure for them became too high, even Frisian beer pong champion Alger did not reach the form he had during the USA sports day earlier this year. Team Amerongen remained calm and took the win when Koen made the final shot.

With not everybody recovered from knotsball and beerpong we gathered the next morning 10:30 at the Bongerd for a ‘rondje Posbank’. Luckily now the weather was sunny, resulting in a nice ending of the weekend.