Last Friday a team of Hellingproof was present at the USA sports day. In this competition six teams were battling for the win. Five different sports were practiced: basketball, whiffleball (yes, it is a sport), lacrosse, American football, and beerpong.  After months of preparations and trainings the Hellingprof squad was: Alger, Gijs, Martijn, Niels and Robin. A few weesk ago the Batavierenrace was the final test for this squad. The expectations were not really high, and this was noticeable in the first match: basketball against girls from the Wageningen warriors. The Hellingprofs were clearly flabbergasted by the beast mode of these girls, since they had to come back from 0-1. In the end the boys got it together and won 4-1 (with Harmen as supporter, unfortunately not in banana suit).

After this it was whiffleball time (like baseball, only then with a plastic bat and ball). Again the Hellingprofs took the victory by 4-3, that was two out of two!


Then it was time for lacrosse. The Hellingprofs did not know what to do with the equipment they got for this sport. Again a team of the Wageningen warriors (lacrosse team) was the opponent. After a short introduction it was clear that the Hellingprofs were made for this sport. Smooth attack after smooth attack resulted in multiple chances for the Hellingprofs and the 1-0!! After this we decide to let the Warriors take the win, otherwise the domination would have been too overwhelming. In the end we lost 4-1.

The final outside sport was American football. In the sprint to be the first one to the “ball”, Niels got professionally tackled by two girls. Clearly we were not impressed by this and got the lead by 4-1. In our mind we were already playing the beer pong final, so in the dying seconds it became surprisingly exciting when the opponent scored the 4-3.

With this latest victory we ended up in the beer/sinaspong final, with the girls from Wageningen warriors as opponent. After Doutzen Kroes (yes Gijs, she is should Google her) and Sven Kramer, Alger decided to become the next Frisian hero and make the final shot. The atmosphere was unbelievable, we even got reports that people in Friesland went on the streets to celebrate it. We won a ticket for a free pizza! Thursday 1st of June Thymos sports night will be organized. We are now the big favorite for this, so we need your help!