Last Saturday 13 May the NSK time trial was organised by Hellingproof. The track was in the open fields of the Binnenveld, making the riders susceptible for the wind.

The day started with the men without license who had to ride three laps. A big squad for Hellingproof was present: Alger, Bart, Bram, Conor, Erik, Martijn, Stijn and Thijs. Bart was the first at the starting line and set a sharp time, while the time of Thijs was also fast and just behind Bart. Unfortunately for Stijn he encountered a flat tire, so he had to withdraw from the race. In the end Bart ended up as 5th, Thijs 10th, Conor 18th, Bram 21st, Erik 23rd, Alger 26th and Martijn 28th. For the first time this year no podium for the men without license, but still great results!

Thijs and Alger warming up

For the ladies without license Julie, Martine Susan and Vera were brave enough to battle with the wind in the Binnenveld. Our ladies had to ride two laps. Martine rode hir first race of the season and ended up as 17th, Vera became 12th, Susan continued to show her top form and ended up as 2nd, and with all her experience Julie took the win! She was even faster than all the ladies with license and will now be wearing the national championship jersey for the coming season. Congratulations Susan and Julie with these podium places!

In the men with license we had two riders: Tjalle and Gijs had to ride four laps. Tjalle was highly motivated and rode a super fast race, he ended up as 5th. Our climbing goat Gijs fought his way through the wind and finished as 19th.

Our Hellingproof member Wim van der Zwaluw made some nice pictures during the event, you can find these HERE.

A big thanks to all volunteers, without you it would not have been possible. Besides that also thanks for joining the race, or cheering on the sideline.