At Saturday the 22nd of April it was time for the student cup in Amsterdam, with both Bart and Susan in the leading jersey!

Men without license
The kick-off was for the men without license. For Hellingproof Alger, Bart, Conor, Martijn and Thijs were present. There was a lot of wind on the track, creating harsh conditions. Bart was present in the breakaway, while the other Hellingprofs assured that the peloton did not close the gap. When the breakaway was gone Alger, Conor and Thijs were trying to force another second breakaway. This did not succeed, so in the peloton sprint Conor became 15th, while Alger finished 10th, just in front of Thijs who came in at the 9th place. Martijn bravely rode and finished at the 24th place.

As leader in the breakaway group the other riders were continuously looking to Bart. Even when he was trying to eat, other riders were attacking his position. In the final sprint there was a strong headwind and Bart was at first position from the start. Due to this headwind it became surprisingly exciting, but Bart was strong enough and just had a few centimetres advantage on the finish line! With this win he consolidated his positon in the general classification.

Also in the women’s race the leader in the general classification was a Hellingprof. Susan was supported by Els, Vera and Sigrid. Due to the wind the race was very closed. Attacks from riders were immediately closed by the peloton.

The Hellingproof ladies were able to perform on a high level. The race ended in a mass sprint. In this mass sprint Susan just missed the podium and ended up 4th. Vera became 13th, Els finished 19th, Sigrid rode her 3rd race ever and finished on the 25th place. In the overall classification Susan still leads with one point to the second place.

Men with license
In the men with license only Harmen and Robin were presented. In the race Robin was one of the first to launch an attack, and two other riders followed. This breakaway of three was able to hold on for half an hour, when they decided it was enough. Back with a complete peloton Harmen and Robin reacted turn by turn on every breakaway attempt. In the end Harmen was able to make it into the final breakaway of seven. In the final sprint Harmen became 5th, while Robin was second in the peloton sprint and finished 9th.