Last week the Hellingproof and IJzersterk new year’s drink took place. Loburg was filled with strong cyclists and ice skaters, as you can see on the pictures.

The strongest of all women was Julie in the already famous yearly Wageningen’s ice skate and cycling ‘diepzithouding’ contest. Julie, congratulations with this prestigious achievement and we hope that you would stop your hobby triathlons and focus on serious sports as ‘diepzitten’. Alger needs to go into training as well, since he last his title of best male ‘diepzitter’ to an IJzersterk competitor. It would be a pity if you would loose again next year.

After the contest the party continued with drinks and some nice treats (for which we would like to thank the activity committee). There was also a sur-place contest on our Hellingproof fixie. Although it was the first official contest only, it made deep impression to all supporters in Loburg. Jorn unfortunately could not win the contest; again an IJzersterker won the contest.

Some more photos of the evening can be found below. Please pay attention to Jorn who is eating away his feelings of disappointment after losing the prestigious competitions during the evening