Board 2017-18: 5th Hellingproof board

Chairman: Alger Jorritsma
Secretary: Rutger Visser
Treasurer: Gijs Spaans
External Commissioner: Sigrid van der Schaar
Competition Commissioner: Bas Overdevest
Internal Commissioner: Tjalle de Jong

Let’s start with Sigrid. As the only woman on the board, she has managed to keep her ‘harem’ under control. Her Frisian sobriety and experience brought a sharp, nuanced view. She was always ready to organize anything. Gijs; master of the farthing and generosity himself. This man has golden hands, which is why he can also do two studies. He can do everything, and what he cannot, he will still be able to do. Bas, our Amsterdammer, was a real regular. One blink and he had arranged a week of training in Spain and a track cycling clinic. Tjalle. He wrote that beautiful newsletter, dear reader, which appeared in your mailbox at irregular intervals during our board year. Rutger is a special case. Of course he made sure that after the meeting everyone still knew what he/she had to do. About, because Rutger does everything short and sweet. This also made it possible for him to answer all emails very efficiently. That was quite a lot, not least mountains of fan mail for our secretary. Fanmail, which he sometimes dreamed about during the meeting. Myself, Alger, was actually only on this board because I still had to finish a sign for the sports pub in the Bongerd (go and have a look, dear reader, it’s there now). Furthermore, I mainly bought the stroopwafels for all cobos. Still, I really enjoyed making something beautiful out of the association with the aforementioned group of people. It was the perfect combination of fun and work.