Board 2016-17: 4th Hellingproof board

Chairman: Els Huizing
Secretary: Allan Kort (until June 2017)
Treasurer: Alger Jorritsma
General member: Robin de Vries
General member: Niels van der Pijl (Secretary from June 2017)

Our board year started well. This already started in the year in which the Harmen Baas phenomenon was still chairman by gauging the interest of each of us and screening against a flawless background, sufficient knowledge and above all a lack of ambition in the study and a surplus of free time. In the end this all turned out not to be the problem and so the five of us started our board year on November 7, 2016.

Els Huizing was our chairwoman that year. In addition to Els, the board also consisted of Allan Kort and Alger Jorritsma as secretary and treasurer. Unfortunately, Allan had to resign from his position quickly, as a result of which we had to miss him for the most part. Alger started as a youngster in our board year with counting cents, a crash course in Excel and learning Dutch, but under the protective wings of fellow board members, Alger turned out to be the new wunderkind of the 21st century. For years Robin de Vries was regarded as the great star of the amateur peloton, the star, the big man, the man to whom meaningless drivers looked up to. Such a big phenomenon that he didn’t have a nickname within the peloton. However, we do within our administration. We called him Robinalio Katamariko. Finally, we introduce Niels van der Pijl, Robin’s serving other half. Without having any idea of ​​what he was doing or contributing to, he simply performed the tasks assigned to him. A silent engine within the group that stopped as soon as he had to take the lead himself. Finally, something functional about our experiences: It was beautiful.