Board 2015-16: 3th Hellingproof board

Chairman: Harmen Baas
Secretary: Els Huizing
Treasurer: Martijn Vogelaar
General member (mountain biking): Olivier Hacking
General member (newsletter): Susan Lanooy

As the 3rd board of Hellingproof, we look back on a fun year with many fun activities. We often had dinner together after training sessions and then held meetings until late. One of the highlights of our year was the Giro weekend, where the professional peloton raced through Wageningen with Tom Dumoulin, among others, and we made several beautiful bike rides to see the peloton as often as possible. In addition, this year the cycling e-mail, which came out once every two weeks, was revived, so that members were better informed about organized activities. Submitted pieces made the cycling email extra fun to read. This year’s time trial competition introduced an additional competitive element to encourage members to drive fast. During our board year, Hellingproof grew considerably to almost 50 members.