Board 2013-14: 2nd Hellingproof board

Chairman: Ruben Versloot
Secretary: Thijs Broers
Treasurer: Luuk Rutten
General member: Harmen Baas

On October 28, 2014, Luuk moved on from the 1st board to keep looking after the money, and for the rest there were “new” faces. Ruben Versloot became head of the association, newcomer Thijs Broers from Nijmegen became secretary. Since his position in the founding committee, Harmen Baas had skipped the 1st board and was therefore back in the governing body as a general member with fresh energy. These gentlemen worked for a year like a well-oiled machine (or rather, like a lubricated chain) to grow the association step by step. The first Hellingproof student cup was held on the W.V. Ede track, the activities committee was set up, our very first loaner bike was purchased and the sprint cup was introduced. This made the contours of the current Hellingproof more than visible!