Board 2013-14: 1st Hellingproof board

Chairman: Bart Schoon
Secretary: Jora Steennis
Treasurer: Luuk Rutten
General member: Vera van der Woude

From the seven-member founding committee, a mixed company of two ladies and two gentlemen formed the first board of Hellingproof: ‘Work in progress’. A board with the challenging task of putting the young association on the map!

Compared to now it is hard to imagine that at the time we were still a handful of people who cycled under the name ‘Hellingproof’, had no club clothing, did not organize a student cup, had to borrow old team clothing from our trainer Casper to be recognizable at the GNSK. , the ladies were heavily outnumbered, Heel Hellingproof Bakt did not yet exist and the Hellingproof life only consisted of bicycles. What still clearly belongs to Hellingproof was already there: conviviality.