About us

On March 23, 2013 a committee was formed with 7 members: Jora Steennis, Joa Maouche, Vera van der Woude, Harmen Baas, Luuk Rutten, Gijs van den Berg and Bart Schoon. Together they made a start with our club. On November 12, 2013 the articles of association were signed and WSWV Hellingproof was official! From this committee, the first board was formed.

Currently we are in our sixth official Hellingproof year, which means that the sixth board is now active. In our year we hope to continue the work of the previous board. We hope to gather as many students from Wageningen as possible who are enthusiastic about cycling. Furthermore we also like to organise activities other than cycling. For all type of cyclists, from racers to beginners, we would like to offer trainings on your specific level. A good atmosphere is most important when we ride, but also competition is present!

Board 2018-2019

Chairman – Bas Overdevest – 06 36158838

Vice chairman – Onno Doensen – 06 28171614

Treasurer – Rik Timmers – 06 29772105

Secretary – Jeroen Louwinger – 06 23587706

Media commissioner – Gijs Spaans – 06 16899575

PR commissioner  – Roeland Jensma – 06 29198859