Currently we have four different committees in our association.

Activity committee

This comittee organises most acitivities for our members. Examples are the introduction- and trainings weekend, the famous BBQ at the and of the year, or chilling at the river after the harsh training.
Els, Julie, Bart, Martijn, Tjalle, Roeland and Onno –

GNSK committee

On the weekend of 8, 9 and 10 June Wageningnen organised the GNSK, Hellingproof will be responsible for the cycling races. This (temporary) committee will be responsible for the organisation of this event. Students from the whole country will be participating in the races.
– Ehlana, Imke, Bart, Bas, Niels, Tjalle and Robin 

Sponsor committee

The main goal of this committee is to gain the attention from potential sponsors for our club. Our current sponsors are café Loburg and Prins.
– Gijs, Niels, Paul, Robin and Rutger 

Lustrum committee

This committee has been installed this year to make a great success of our first ever lustrum that will take place in November this year!

– Sigrid, Vera, Robin, Susan, Gijs –