Hellingproof Lustrum in november

For the occassion of our first ever Hellingproof lustrum, the lustrum committee announces two weeks full of nice activities from November 13 up to November 23. Here’s all the activities that will be done during these weeks:

Tuesday November 13: Lustrum opening party – Annies kroeg (Asserpark) – 20:00

At tuesday November 13 we will festively celebrate the beginning of our first ever Hellingproof lustrum with a nice party at Annies kroeg. The first drink is on us! However you’re of course welcome to drink some more, but bring cash with you because there is no pin device at the bar.

Wednesday November 14: Festive spinning lesson (17:15/17:30) and drink with IJzersterk (21:00)

At wednesday November 14 we will have a spinning lesson from our one and only Filip, who has selected some nice Hellingproof songs to listen to while you’re suffering on the spinning bike. Afterwards there will be a drink with our friends from IJzersterk in Loburg, and the birthday boy/girl/association always treats, so you will be in the presence of cake.

Thirsday November 15: Escaperoom Wageningen (Nude 28) – 20:30

Have you always dreamt of escaping from a room while working together with you best friends from Hellingproof? Then now is your chance! You can sign up here, max 14 people can join for this amazing experience and full=full: https://goo.gl/forms/EecRrVIO3jtO8Ywl1. The cost for this activity is only €5,-.

Sunday November 18: Special lustrum ride through the beautiful Veluwe – De Bongerd – 10:00

What is a Hellingproof Lustrum without also having a nice ride on the bike? Exactly… nothing. Therefore we will try to clear our minds and enjoy the beautiful nature during a nice ride through the many diverse landscapes of the Veluwe.

Tuesday November 20: Pubquiz at Loburg – 20:00

Do you think you’re the smartest Hellingproof in town, but have no way to prove it? Now is you’re chance during the Hellingproof pubquiz at tuesday November 20! However be aware: not all questions will be about Hellingproof so you might also want to consider studying from some school books the coming weeks.

Thursday November 22: Fancy Lustrum dinner (dresscode!) – Vila Brutus (Ede) – 19:00

We will conclude our Lustrum weeks with a fancy diner at Vila Brutus in Ede. During this dinner we will show how fancy Hellingprofs can be, so there will be a dresscode. You can choose from at least 7 dishes and the costs for the dinner will be €17,95 (excl. drinks). For the dinner you can sign up here until November 20: https://goo.gl/forms/l44m2M7RfdCLgHGt2.